Wireless Internet Service

Wireless internet is not just reserved for those working from laptops anymore. Wireless internet powers surveillance, maintenance, and entertainment services at many outdoor venues.

Davis Voice and Data was engaged by the owners of a very large marina in Kentucky that was wanting to offer high-speed internet to their 600 boat dock customers.  While the marina had a good internet connection, there was just no way to distribute it to each of the docks efficiently.

Wireless Internet for Business (and Safety)

Because of the size of the lake they also had an issue with people renting jet skis and boats and getting lost or being in areas where they are not supposed to be in.  We launched 16 wireless access points and onboard gps systems and solved the issue. Mariners are now able to quickly and easily connect to the wireless internet signal from their boats, iPads and laptops. Our client has reported that his customers are very pleased with the new service and that it saves him money each day.

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