Residential Surveillance

Recently we received a call from a gentleman in Columbus that pesky kids were wreaking havoc on his property. He would wake to find items in his yard broken, moved or removed.  He reported this activity to police multiple times but the vandalism continued. Frustrated and at his wits end, he called us and let us know that he was done being taken advantage of and wanted to view and record these vandals in the act.

We drove to Columbus and installed 4 cameras and gave the elderly gentleman a demonstration on how to use it along with the owners manual. Here at Davis we know that many of our clients are not technically savvy with computers and video surveillance equipment so having an owners manual handy provides very little help when you need it.

Service after the Sale

We are happy to serve our clients after the sale. We install Teamviewer, a remote access software, at all of our client installations. This allows us to have immediate access to view any error condition with the equipment, the internet connection or surveillance system itself. We can train and walk through our customers in system operation every time they call in.

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