Restaurant Surveillance

The manager of a popular restaurant called us and told us that his morning shift was being troubled by coming in and finding items moved, dumped over and in disarray. He explained that his night manager was 100% sure that the restaurant was locked up, and that the night shift was not responsible for the apparent vandalism that was observed in the morning. Utensils were on the floor, napkin holders were tipped over and food was pulled out from its storage areas.

Action we Took

Obviously there was only one way to solve this mystery…  restaurant surveillance cameras. We mounted cameras in key areas around the store to record the ingress and egress of the vandal. Recorders were setup to tape nightly, and the manager reviewed the recorded video the next day. With this project, we were able to catch the vandal red-handed within 3 days.

A Squirrely Problem

The camera footage clearly showed that the vandal was none other than a common squirrel. The squirrel had found a way to enter into the restaurant after it closed, it scampered around the restaurant during the evening wreaking havoc and then left as soon as daylight started to come in through the windows. The restaurant manager was able to identify the area of the store where the squirrel entered and then clean the store without any worry that the pint-sized vandal would return. So pleased with our work, Davis Voice and Data continue to provide service and support for the restaurant’s video surveillance equipment.

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