Restaurant Surveillance

Known for our comprehensive security and surveillance products, Davis Voice and Data was called in to install a video surveillance system, alarm system, internet and phone service for a brand new bar and grille in Kettering, Ohio.   Just a few days after their grand opening a professional thief pried open a steel door from the bottom and peeled it back like a banana.  His first item of business was to smash the alarm system before it could be operational and sound the alarm.  What the criminal did not disturb was the client’s covertly installed video surveillance system.  The system’s motion detectors notified our client that there was movement in the building.

Hands Up

The client called 911 and reported the movement activity within his establishment and police responded immediately. Comically the police that were dispatched to investigate found the client’s brand new flat-screen HD televisions at the back door and the thief was apprehended as he was found cooking a steak on the grill.

Once a Criminal Always a Criminal

That same bar 2 months later was on the news for a bank robber that hit a 5/3rd bank down the street and before he fled town with the money he stopped in the bar to get a drink.  The police escorted the repeat offender to jail.

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